• Hardware-based protection
    of sensitive data using
    hardware security modules
  • Benefits of HSMs for industry,
    automotive, PKI, Internet of Things,
    healthcare, etc.
  • Selection criteria for
    hardware security modules


Hardware Security Modules

Your trust anchor for sensitive data …

Hardware security modules (HSMs) mean one major thing: Double protection, because they actively protect the keys that protect your data. Unlike purely software-based solutions, they provide hardware-based protection for critical systems such as public key infrastructures (PKIs), databases and web- or application servers. In this way, HSMs offer maximum security from external physical, chemical and mechanical attacks.

… in a digital world

But HSMs can do a great deal more. Processes for encryption and decryption, issuing of electronic certificates, generation of digital certificates or signatures and user and device authentication can all be “outsourced” to HSMs for execution in compliance with maximum security standards and statutory provisions. HSMs thus also safeguard security-critical processes and effectively prevent the readout and manipulation of sensitive key m


How and Where to Use Hardware Security Modules

HSMs are deployed throughout industry for purposes of secure generation, storage and use of key material. Fields of application include e-health, energy (smart metering), bring-your-own-key (BYOK), automotive, access and admission management in enterprises, as well as infrastructures for the Internet of Things (IoT) – for all these, HSMs assume the function of a high-security “key deposit”.


Why Hardware Security Modules are so Useful


    • Truly random number generation via measurement of physical processes
    • Sensors for attack detection
    • Chips embedded in epoxy resin: Physical attack impossible without destroying the chip

    • Secure generation and storage of keys within the HSM
    • Secure execution of cryptographic operations within the HSM
    • Secure operating processes: „More than one pair of eyes“ principle

    • Platform-independent: All popular operating systems
    • All popular interfaces and end applications
    • Deployable as master-slave combination for bulk data encryption


How Enterprises Benefit from HSM Solutions

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